[8 Solutions] Repair “BAD POOL HEADER” Windows 10/7

BAD POOL HEADER under Windows 10/8/7 signified by error code 0x0000000019 indicates that it is due to memory allocation problems under. It usually happens after installing new hardware or software – usually antivirus software – that doesn’t work with your computer.

However, faulty drivers and routers, bad sectors, or other disk burning issues could also cause this blue screen.

Common reasons that can cause BAD POOL HEADER BSOD:BAD POOL HEADERAlthough there are several causes, here are the most common:

  • -System files corrupt.
  • – Device drivers damaged or incompatible.
  • -Nad RAM or HDD / SSD.
  • -Damaged entries in the Register.
  • -Virus and Malware
  • –Anti virus and anti-malware programs.

To help you find the cause faster, you can download WhoCrashed Where BlueScreenView and install them on your PC to analyze and find the reason.

Both are free utilities to help you scan files MINIDUMP and analyze them and show you the report. Based on the report, you will know where the blue screen error is coming from and which system file or driver is the cause.

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Note : These methods are not only used to correct this type of error BSOD Win 10, but can also be used to solve the same problem on your PC 7 and 8. 8.1.

advice : Before using any of the methods below, restart your computer to allow it to recover automatically. Sometimes, if the problem is not serious, such as an interruption while allocating memory, Windows will repair and repair itself automatically.

According to several reports from users in the Microsoft community, after disabling Indexing Service, this type of BSOD no longer appears on their computer. To deactivate the indexing service, press Windows + R, type: services.msc, then press Entrance.

windows search service

advice : You can also access Windows services by navigating through the Control panel and select Administrative Tools and Services.
In the app Services , search for ” Windows Search In the list, then right-click on it and choose the option Properties.
In the next step, select ” Deactivated “In the Startup type drop-down list, and then click the” OK“.

Restart your PC to see if the BSOD Bad Pool Header disappeared or persisted. If it’s still there, use the other methods below.

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2 – Disable fast startup in Win 10

Disable fast start
Quick Start
  • By default, the option Quick Start is activated and, in many cases, causes this type of BSOD.
  • To deactivate the option, press Windows + X, then choose Power Options in the menu.
  • To choose additional power settings, select the option ” Choose what the power button does In the left sidebar.
  • In the next step, click on the option ” Modify currently unavailable settings“.
  • Uncheck then the box ” Enable fast startup (recommended)” , Click on the button ” Save Changes ” and restart your computer to see if the problem persists.

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3 – Test the RAM with the memory diagnostic tool


As faulty RAM memory is one of the possible reasons that lead to the tool Bad Pool Header, you should start with a test on the RAM memory with the built-in memory diagnostic tool.

There are two ways to run the Memory Diagnostic Tool:

  • Solution 1: Click on Menu To start up, type ” Windows memory diagnostics »In the search bar, then press Entrance.
  • Solution 2: Press the key Windows + R to open the dialog Execute, type ” mdsched.exe »And press Entrance.
  • Once the Memory Diagnostic dialog box appears, click To restart now and check if there is a problem with the RAM memory.

4 – Disconnect the external equipment

Yes BAD POOL HEADER occurs after recently installing a new external device (a new RAM, for example) on the computer, the culprit could be the external hardware or its driver.

If you cannot determine which external device is interfering with the computer, disconnect all external hardware except the keyboard and mouse, and restart the computer.

5 – Uninstall the anti-malware software

Bad Pool Header can also occur due to incompatible anti-malware software.
So if you have installed an antimalware program such as “Malware Bytes”, uninstall the software and restart your PC.

6 – Temporarily uninstall recently installed software and hardware

If you never see the Bad Pool Header error before any software or hardware is recently installed, the software or hardware could be the problem. Uninstall the recently installed third-party apps and go to Device Manager and uninstall the drivers for the recently connected hardware.

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7 – Updating the drivers

red sign on pilot

Outdated drivers can also be the cause of the error. So update the drivers in Windows.
– Step 1 : Right-click on the Start button and choose Device Manager.
– 2nd step : Right-click on a driver and choose Update the driver.
You can also configure your computer to automatically updates drivers.
– Open Settings go to Control panel click on All items in control panel , type peripherals and printers.
– Right click on your computer and choose Installation parameters of the device. Select Yes and save the changes.

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8 – Perform a clean start

clean start
clean start

A clean boot involves starting Windows with minimal services and starting programs. So if the computer is working fine after a clean boot, the programs and services that have been disabled could be the problem.

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To perform a clean start:

  • Step 1 : Press the key Windows + R, type msconfig
  • 2nd step : Deactivate startup programs under the tab General, uncheck the box Load startup items.
  • Stage 3: Disable all services: Click on the tab Services, Check Hide all Microsoft services and click Deactivate all.
  • Step 4: Restart your computer and check if the Bad Pool Header error appears again.

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