[7 Solutions] Why does my laptop no longer turn on?

My laptop does not turn on, the screen remains black, How to turn on a computer that no longer turns on? Be sure to follow this guide to resolve this problem.

Will a power surge damage my computer?

Generally, power outages do not damage computer hardware.

Laptop pc no longer turns on
Laptop pc no longer turns on

However, in some cases, power outages are accompanied by surges – these are these surges which you owe be concerned not to damage your PC (and others electronic appliances).

A surge may have a number of consequences for your computer, especially

  • Damaged motherboard
  • Damaged hard drive
  • Slow performance
  • Inability to maintain a battery charge

To avoid these problems, it is good to use a surge protection device , whether it is a Desktop or laptop.

This will allow you to make sure that in the event of surge, he will be protected and do not suffer no electrical damage.

Remember that even if you have a “Good” surge arrester, if the power is off even for a few seconds, it can have an effect.

Even if your PC is not damaged, he can ask you starting problems after a failure.

The good news is that there is some simple tests that you can try for the restart.

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How to troubleshoot a problem with a laptop that won’t turn on

My laptop does not turn on anymore, How to turn on a computer that no longer turns on?

Laptop does not turn on

  • Is it supplied with electricity? This is the first thing to know.
  • My laptop does not turn on anymore, but is it receiving power?

We will seek to know if the problem comes from the PC, of display screen or from the air conditioning adapter and of battery.

I isolated individual step checks to follow to help solve feeding problems.

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Step 1: Laptop PC does not have status lights?

Be sure that the power supply status LEDs are working.

  • Plug in the power adapter and search an operating status indicator.
  • It can be found in the lower part of the display screen or where you plug in the AC adapter.
  • Check that your power outlet operate correctly and that is not the problem.
  • If you see a power indicator, try to turn it on.
Check the power lights
Check the power lights

If you don’t see a status light, continue below.

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Step 2: Power on with battery only?

If the laptop no longer lights up, only with the A / C adapter, it’s time to try with battery only. We try to isolate the problem with these steps.

  • Unplug the A / C adapter.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Press on the power button to check if it turns on.
Connect the battery
Connect the battery

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Step 3: Black display screen?

Make sure the problem is not related to a display problem. It happens that the computer turns on, but than the screen is black, Which give feel like it’s off.

  • Light up the system and look for clues that it is on.
  • Search lights and fan noise.
  • If it appears to be powered, but than the screen does not work, you have to to repair it.

Step 4: Defective A / C adapter and power port?

AC adapter maybe defective or damaged, as the power port.

Check both.

  • Check adapter and mains cable
  • Check the port or you plug in the adapter to see if it is damaged.
  • Sometimes it happens that the port that is worn out and does not allow a good secure connection.
  • Done repair the computer if the port is worn.
Check the AC Adapter and Power Port
Check the AC Adapter and Power Port

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Step 5: Check your IT fans

Yes the fan does not start when your device is on, it may mean that your power supply must be replaced.

Yes the fan does not work, this can mean that there is a problem with motherboard or processor, which must be replaced.

Computer fan

Step 5: Check your CPU (central processing unit)

When he is on, check if motherboard is on looking through theopenings on the side of your PC.

If you see a flashing green light, it is likely that the power supply unit (PSU) must be reset. If there is no green light at all, the power supply may have been damaged through the surge and must be replaced.

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Step 6: Replace the CMOS battery

A fairly common problem when computer shows no signs of life is a used CMOS battery.

This usually happens when your PC is a few years old or, in the case of a laptop, when the battery has been removed for a long time.

To replace your CMOS battery, follow these steps:

  • Open The box and seek the battery (generally located on the motherboard)
  • Note all information on the stack
  • Remove the cell.
  • Some computers do not have removable battery.
  • In this case, please contact the manufacturer like Dell, HP, Sony …
  • Insert a new battery
  • Turn on the PC, reset CMOS values ​​to default and save before exiting
Remove the CMOS battery
Remove the battery CMOS

If you have recently installed a new RAM in your device, remove it, following the supplied user manual with your device or by going to a repair shop and then try method 2.

If your Laptop works, it means that your RAM was faulty.

If none of the methods mentioned here work, contact customer service or visit a repair shop near you.

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Step 6: Is there a light with beeps

Often this is due to memory failure. If your system has more than one memory module, it is suggested to remove one and leave the other to see if the system starts, do the same with the other module if nothing happens.

do not forget to remove the battery or from cut off the power before proceeding to this operation, whether for a laptop or desktop. Also be sure to ground yourself.

a single shot of static electricity Where removing a memory module while current is available may terminate your system.

Yes memory is good, it is possible that there is video failure, of processor or the motherboard. The way easiest way to eliminate display problem is of connect an external monitor to your laptop.

If you get a pictureis that your screen is defective. The desktop computers have already an external monitor, unless it is of an integrated system. In this case, if you have one, treat it like a laptop and connect an external monitor.

Yes the screen works well, the last two elements who remain are processor and motherboard. the diagnostic requires a skill level of technician, again because of the disassembly of computers.

Step 7: Hard drive failure

Hard disk
Hard disk
  • Yes a hard drive results from failed boot, the system will probably tell you that no boot sector was found, or that there is a Windows startup error.
  • Another common problem is system stuck on start screen, for example, the Windows logo.
  • Weird clicking noises, x-ray sounds, the hard drive spins and slows down to stop, etc.
  • The display indicates that it is cannot start recovery, or diagnostics could not repair startup.
  • If any of these problems has occurred, it would be better if a technician helps you back up data if you do not have had the opportunity to do so so far.

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