7 Solutions to Fix Windows Error 0x0000007B

Error 0x0000007B is caused by device driver issues (especially those related to hard drives and other storage controllers), viruses, data corruption, and sometimes even hardware failures.

It will always appear on a STOP message, more generally called a blue screen of death (BSOD). One of the errors below, or a combination of the two errors, may appear in the STOP message:

Solution 1: Resolve Error 0x0000007B by Changing Windows Configuration

STOP error 0x0000007B
STOP error 0x0000007B

Step 1 : Shut down the PC and restart it by pressing the ” On Off »During PC startup.
2nd step : Enter the BIOS by clicking on F1 or F12… depending on the manufacturer of your computer and change the option ” SATA configuration “From AHCI to ATA in the option Advanced.

SATA configuration from AHCI to ATA
SATA configuration from AHCI to ATA

Step 3: Save the changes by selecting » Yes “.
Step 4: Press on ” F10 “; relentlessly until a window opens with the message: Save configuration and reset? Select ” Yes“.
Step 5: Then you will see a installation window, and you can follow the guide to configure Windows again:

  • To configure, Press on ” Enter “;.
  • To repair the installation Using the Recovery Console, press ” R “.
  • To exit the installation without installing Windows, Press on ” F3“.

If you need recover windows 7 immediately and from you get rid of 0x0000007B from your PC, the first option should work for you.

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Solution 2: Fix 0x0000007B via installation media

Step 1 : Define USB like a Windows install drive in advance and connect it with the PC.
2nd step : Restart the PC and press “F12”; without stopping until the menu ” Windows Boot“; appears.
Step 3: Select your USB key like boot drive to try to restart the PC.
Step 4: If this fails, restart the PC and press ” F2“; to enter the BIOS.
Step 5: To define “SATA from AHCI to IDE” mode Save changes and restart.

Configuring SATA from AHCI to IDE
Configuring SATA from AHCI to IDE

Step 6: Choose from load Windows from a USB stick, and you will enter a installation window with the choice below:

  • To configure , Press on ” Enter“.
  • To repair the installation Using the Recovery Console, press ” R“.
  • To exit the installation without installing Windows, Press on ” F3“.

To resolve the blue screen problem 0x0000007B on your PC, select the first option and press Entrance for configure Windows 7 now.

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Solution 3: Start your PC with the last known good configuration

This error can also be caused by recent registry settings or some driver changes that you have made. Try to start your pc with the option Last known good configurations to undo these changes:

  • Restart your PC. Before it displays the Windows logo screen, press F8 without releasing on your keyboard.
  • Press the arrow key ↓ to select Last Known Good Configuration, then press Entrance.
  • Wait for your computer started.
  • Check if your computer always displays the blue screen.
start with last known good configuration
start with last known good configuration

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Solution 4: Modify your SATA

Occasionally, Stop error 0x0000007B may be due to the problem boot sectors. change your SATA mode to solve your problem:

  • Restart your computer and press F2 continuously.
  • Your computer should then start in Bios. Then press the arrow key to select SATA Operation and choose ATA.
change SATA Operation to ATA
change SATA Operation to ATA
  • Press on Entrance on your keyboard.
  • Click on Yes when asked if you want Save Changes.
  • Continuously press the F10 key on your keyboard until the following window appears, then click Yes.
Save Changes
Save Changes
  • Press on Entrance and wait for your computer to start.
  • Check if your PC still displays the blue screen.

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Solution 5: Try to restore the system

Try to use system restore option integrated by default in the operating system. If the problem is gone, then the real problem is related to the modification that you have done recently.

System Restore
System Restore

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Solution 6: Check hard drive corruption

There is one way you can try that is to check hard drive corruption. You can repair hard drive using the command chkdsk.

chkdsk c: / r
chkdsk c: / r
  • Click on the windows terminal box. You will be displayed in the search box. Type ” command prompt ” in the box.
  • You will get the window command prompt. Type the command ” chkdsk c: / r”And click on Enter on your keyboard
  • On your command prompt you can observe the process of the command “chkdsk c: / r”. Once the process is complete, please restart the system. Check if Windows STOP: 0x0000007b error is resolved or not. Although it appears again, you have to try another method.

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Solution 7: Try to repair the MRB.

the fixmbr command
the fixmbr command

This part is very easy to use. Try another “fixmbr” command. Because of the mistake obtained from corrupted master boot record, you received Windows Stop: 0x0000007b error message.

The system will create the new main start for record the manipulation of system activities. If you run the ” fixmbr“, Try to restart the computer. This way our error will be automatically corrected. This troubleshooting command will only be processed on Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Let’s start execution in the command prompt:

  • Click on the search box and type command prompt.
  • Then type the “fixmbr” command and click on Enter. Once the process is complete, restart the system again.
  • Check whether the error message appears or not.

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