7 Solutions To Fix Error 0x8007045d

You may encounter the error 0x8007045d when you back up your computer programs / applications to an external storage device.

It can also occur while reinstalling the Windows operating system as well as it can be in the form of a message likeWindows cannot install the required files. Check that all the files required for the installation are available, and restart the installation. “

It can occur because of:

There are several methods to fix it. that of course depends on your particular situation. You need to try several solutions to see which of them works.


error 0x8007045d
windows 10

A simple cleaning can easily fix it as long as it doesn’t cause another problem.

Consider using a different backup media in case the error occurs while backing up programs / applications.

You should also check and make sure that your computer’s DVD drive is working properly if the error occurs while reinstalling the OS.

You may also need to use a different USB port if you are reinstalling the operating system using a USB flash drive.



Backing up programs and / or files with Anti-Virus / Firewall enabled can cause serious conflicts, which results in error code 0x8007045d.

You should turn off the antivirus and firewall before backing up files to make sure you can do it without any issues.


Bad sectors in storage media (hard drive) prevent data recovery. It prevents the OS from loading the necessary files. Using the inbuilt repair tool can easily fix any bad sector which will fix it.

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Type “chkdsk” on the command prompt
  • Press both keys Win + X to open the menu.
  • Select the option ” Command Prompt (Admin)“.
  • Click on ” Yes To run the command prompt as as administrator.
  • Type ” chkdsk“.
  • Leave a blank space after the ” chkdsk »Before typing the letter of reader (C) that you need to be scanned and repaired.
  • Disk verification is only used to identify files damaged. You must specify the parameters before the utility can perform the necessary repairs.
  • At the command prompt type one of the letterss following ” / f / r / x“.
  • Note that the letter “f” indicates that the utility should correct errors, the letter “ indicates that it should identify any bad sectors on the disk, and the letter “x” indicates that the reader must be removed before the scan begins.
  • the disassembly Disk is required because the utility cannot work if the disk is connected.

Press on ” Enter To start the scan, do not restart your computer until you have finished backing up programs / applications or installing to check if the error 0x8007045d is resolved or not.


This method works to resolve error 0x8007045d in case you encounter it while backing up to an external storage device. As long as the external storage device is in good condition.


  • Click on ” To start up “After select” Control panel“.
  • Click on ” System and security In the control panel.
  • Click on ” Create and format hard drive partitions “.
  • Right-click on the drive to compress, in the ” disk management “.
  • Click on ” Reduce volume“.
  • Follow them instructions of the screen that appear literally before to restart your computer.
  • try save files to see if the error 0x8007045d still occurs.


You can start your computer in safe mode to back up your files.

Note that a few rare programs and applications run in the background in safe mode, which reduces the possibility of conflicts.

  • Click on ” To start up In the Search programs and files box.
  • Type ” msconfig »And press Entrance.
  • Then click on the » To start up »On the menu configuration of the system.
  • Go to ” Safe mode “And tick” Minimal “.
  • Click on ” OK To open another window.
  • Then click on ” To restart To restart your computer.
  • try to safeguard files or reinstall the operating system to see if the problem is resolved.

Method 6 – Repair your Windows to Fix Error 0x8007045d

Repairing the installed OS can be very effective in resolving it. It is in case that all other procedures have failed you will try to repair your operating system. as it is used to resolve any other system file problem.

Start your computer.
Insert the CD installation of the original operating system in the appropriate drive.
Press the F2 key or the key that corresponds to the installed version of your Windows operating system.
Configure the computer to automatically boot from the CD installation media.
Save configuration before restarting the computer.
Press a hit on your keyboard.
Click on ” Following “Before clicking on” Repair your computer“.
Follow literally instructions that appear on the screen.
Restart your computer and try backing up the files or reinstalling the operating system to see if the error is resolved or not.

Method 7 – System Restore

catering pointYou should remember to restore your computer to an earlier date. This option can be useful if you have downloaded and installed a program or application that may have interfered with registry files.

The following procedure applies specifically to the Windows 8 operating system but should give you an idea of ​​what to do with any other operating system.

1. Press the key Win + Q (1)
2. Click on ” Settings“.
3. Choose the icon ” Recovery“.
4. Select ” System Restauration In the window that opens.
5. Choose a previous date at which your computer has operated without problem.
6. The tool must start working before reboot from the computer .
7. try to safeguard files or reinstall the operating system to see if the error 0x8007045d still exists or if it is resolved.

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