[7 Solutions] Repair Error Code 80240020 Easily

Some updates were not installed error 80240020 : If you see this message while updating to the latest version of Windows 10, then it means your Windows failed to install it and there is something with your system.

error 80240020

Well this is a big problem for some users because they cannot update to the latest version of Windows due to this error code 80240020. But here we have found solutions ????

Method 1: Modify the registry to allow operating system upgrade

Remark : Changing the registry can seriously cause damage your computer (If you do not have access to the registry, you may damage your computer). it is therefore advisable to save your data. Where create a restore point.

  • Press the key Windows + R to open the ” execute “And type” regedit (Without quotes) and press Entrance to open the register.
  • Now in the registry navigate to the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion WindowsUpdate OSUpgrade

  • If the record OSUpgrade is not there, you have to create it by right clicking on Windows Update and select New then click on the key. Then name the key OSUpgrade.
  • Once you are in OSUpgrade, right click and select New then click on DWORD value (32-bit). Then name the key AllowOSUpgrade and set its value to 0x00000001..
  • Finally, close the registry editor and restart your PC. Once your PC restarts, try to update or upgrade your PC.

Check if the error 80240020 has disappeared

Method 2: Delete everything in the SoftwareDistribution download folder

  • Navigate to the following location (Make sure to replace the drive) with the drive letter where Windows is installed): C: Windows DistributionDesLogiciels download
  • Delete whatever is in that folder.
file download
file download
  • Press the key Windows + X, then select Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Type the following command in the cmd and press Entrance : wuauclt.exe / updatenow
  • Then, from the Control Panel, go to Windows Update and your Windows 10 should start downloading again.
  • Make sure you have enough space in your C drive, otherwise Windows Update will be blocked again.
  • If you couldn’t, be sure to move the Windows Update download folder to another drive or use an external storage drive.
wuauclt.exe / updatenow
wuauclt.exe / updatenow – error 80240020

Method 3: Use the DISM Tool to Repair Error 80240020

This tool is used for fix a corrupted system image. You will need to use the following commands to resolve the issue with administrator privileges.
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / CheckHealth
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth
Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth

DISM RestoreHealth ScanHealth CheckHealth
SAY M RestoreHealth ScanHealth CheckHealth

If Windows Update is damaged, perform the following and fix it. You need to restart your PC, and click on Updates again.
DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth / Source: C: RepairSource Windows / LimitAccess

DISM limitAccess
DISM limitAccess

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Method 4 – Verify that the BITS service is enabled

BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) is the primary communication service between your computer and Microsoft’s servers, so if something goes wrong with this service, you probably won’t be able to receive updates. To make sure this service is working properly, follow these steps:

  • Go to To research, type services.msc and open Services
  • Double click on Background intelligent transfer service
  • In the section Service status
  • If the status is stopped, click on To start up, then on OK.
  • Try to install updates again
BITS service status
BITS service status

Method 5 – Check name resolution to resolve error 80240020

Another thing you can try is to check your name resolution.

For that, proceed as following :

  • Close all browser windows Windows Update
  • Right click on the Menu button To start up and open thecommand prompt (Admin).
  • Enter the following commands, then press Entrance after entering the command in the command line:
    your computer name (You can check your computer name by right-clicking on the icon Properties of this computer on your Desktop, (Computer name, domain and workgroup settings)
  • Once the process is complete, try running the updates again.

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Method 6: Use third-party software to fix a registry issue

If you fail to repair the registry then you should take a software help CCleaner.
He is one of the perfect solutions that allow you to to scan in complete safety, from to clean and of repair registry issues and help resolve error 80240020

This software scans your entire computer registry, find the fundamental problem of the register and the solves entirely. After downloading the free trial version, you can only solve 29 registry issues.

You can purchase the product key to be used as a professional. And the profession will take a few moments to fix all your PC registration issues. To get the pro version, you have to pay a sum of $ 24.95 for one time.


Final method to fix error 80240020

If you find that none of the above solutions work, you can download Microsoft Windows 10 operating system from the website, make bootable DVD or USB to change your old corrupted operating system to a new one. Windows 10.

Hope this article helps you to fix error code 80240020 while running Windows 10 update. If you have any other problem while updating, please send it to us. of your comments. We will be triumphant to help you.

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