[7 Solution] Fix Error 0xc1900107 Windows 10

I have a laptop that runs Windows 10 with peace of mind. But the problem I have is that every time i have to update it. I say it because the latter is not an easy task because of the errors that appear during its execution is error 0xc1900107.

error 0xc1900107
error 0xc1900107

Solution 1: Check if there are no updates available waiting:

  • Open the menu start-up and check if the button stop is replaced by ” update and stop ” ” Where ” Update and restart “.
  • If you find the same message on the stop button, it means that there are pending updates that needs to be installed.
  • Just click on the button of update and restart. The computer will restart now. he goes configure updates during restart.
  • Once the computer is restarted, the message will disappear from shutdown.
  • Next, try to install the updated version and see if the problem with error 0xc1900107 is resolved.
Update pending
Update pending

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Solution 2: Delete / rename the “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” folder to fix the error 0xc1900107

Display the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder
Display the $ WINDOWS. ~ BT folder

The folder “$ WINDOWS. ~ BT” contains files required if you want to downgrade your system to the previous version. As you are on Win 10 at the moment, you have updated your Win 7 to 10. The Folder will contain the Seven 7 files.

If you are on 7 or 8 / 8.1 and you see this folder, it just contains the files needed to upgrade to 10. We will delete folder or simply the rename to correct the error code 0xc190000107 from Win 10.

You may ask is it safe to erase this folder? . The answer is Yes, it is a temporary folder that Windows creates by itself. For rename or delete this folder, you must first show hidden folders. The folder is hidden by default and therefore must first be attach.

Follow the steps below:

  • Open File Explorer by clicking on the icon Case in the taskbar.
  • Open drive C from file explorer. You can also click on This PC and open VS:
  • In the View tab, click Show / hide Hidden Items.
  • You will be able to see the folder $ WINDOWS. ~ BT.
  • then, delete the whole folder. In many cases, you won’t be able to delete it so Rename it to any name.
  • Now go to the UPDATE and try to Download and to install pending updates.
  • This time you don’t encounter any errors. Your download and installation process should go smoothly.

So this was the easiest way to fix the error 0xc1900107

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Solution 3: Free up hard drive space:

The problem can also arise if there is no space on your hard drive. Thereby, empty space or Delete temporary files on the hard drive might solve the problem. You can do this in several ways. So follow the simple steps below.

  • Press Logo Keys Windows + R the keyboard to open the window Execute, type temp and press Entrance. Click on YES Or on OK if requested.
  • Select all files present in this temporary folder and delete-the. If a window Administrator rights is displayed, click YES or continue.
Empty temp folder
Empty temp folder
  • You can repeat the same operation by typing %temp% by performing a pre-search each time.
  • Disk cleaning also allows delete unwanted files from hard drive.
  • You can also type cleanmgr in the window Execute to open the window Disk Cleanup, select drive C: and click on OK.
Disc cleaning
Disc cleaning
  • He will search all unwanted files available in the computer and gives you The report. You can check all unwanted files from this screen and delete them.
  • It also checks Recycle Bin files. and it asks you if you want to keep them, you can just uncheck the Trash option and Continue.

Once the process is complete, try toinstall updates and see if it works fine without any errors. If not, try the other solutions.

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Solution 4: Create hard drive space

Users can use the built-in tool, i.e. storage assistant. It is used to remove temporary files from the PC as well as system files.

Storage assistant
Storage assistant

It helps to free up more hard drive space and correct errors likeerror 0xC1900107. After cleaning you will be able to delete unwanted files, Empty the trash, the downloads folder, etc.

Note: Before starting the process, you need to copy your important files to the safe location.

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Solution 5: Troubleshoot utility

The 10 comes with automatic repair service if you have difficulty installing of the latest Updates. You need to run the troubleshooter.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings then Update and security
  • click on the option Windows Update and select ” Run the troubleshooter “.
Windows update troubleshooting
problem resolution

It will take some time to execute the process and display on the screen the reason for error 0xC1900107. After fixing the problem, it will ask you to restart the system.

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Solution 6: Update the installed drivers and software

You need to check if there is an update pending or not. If older updates are pending, try updating them first. You also update all the drivers for your devices and try to install Windows Anniversary Update.

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Solution 7: Disable Antivirus and Windows Defender

You must deactivate your Anti-virus, and Windows Defender and your firewall . Most of the time, these programs block incoming connections and cause update errors.

Disable Windows Defender Protection
Disable protection

The above troubleshooting steps should fix the issue with error 0xc1900107 when installing the last windows update. You can try to go through the steps one by one. For more support, leave feedback.

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