[7 Méthodes] How to Fix Error 0xc000007b

Error 0xc000007b is very common which sometimes occurs when you try to run certain games or applications. There can be many reasons for it to appear and there is no solution, which is why we are going to talk about all the different possible solutions.

Causes of Error 0xc000007b

There are several reasons for getting the error 0xc000007b, but you don’t need to stress about it because we are going to cover the most common and how to fix them. Some of them include the mix of 32-bit and 64-bit apps, outdated drivers, outdated windows, missing Windows DLLs, outdated windows, etc.

Cause # 1: mix of 32-bit and 64-bit apps and DLLs

error 0xc000007b
the application failed to start correctly (error 0xc000007b)

Usually, this error occurs when there is a mixture of 32-bit Windows software and 64-bit windows. This happens when an application is designed to run on a 64-bit computer, but we try to run it on a 32-bit computer.

Windows applications run on a DLL network, and a 32-bit computer cannot run a 64-bit DLL, this mix of DLLs is more likely to cause this and other issues like dpc watchdog violation.

Cause # 2: Absence and corruption in Framework software:

Sometimes software like .NET framework, Direct X and Microsoft Visual C +++ installed on your PC also causes error 0xc000007b. Modern apps and games like Farcry 4 are based on software like .NET Framework and the lack or tampering of these can cause these issues.

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Cause # 3: Permission

Sometimes your computer needs administrative privileges to access the files needed to run the application. In such cases, open the request with administrative rights. I will explain the full method in this article.

Cause # 4: missing files

There is a good chance that the files needed to run the application are missing or corrupted.

Cause # 5: corrupted files, virus infections, and registry errors

When files get corrupted or infected then it becomes impossible for the operating system to execute them, in which case it may happen.

Restart your computer

restart computerThere may be something tiny going wrong in your system when you see an “Application failed to start correctly” error. Simply restarting your computer may correct your error 0xc000007b.

Before making any changes to the system, be sure to create a restore point, to avoid problems.

  • Run the app as administrator.
  • Right click on your app and choose “Run as administrator“.
  • Sometimes this problem can be fixed by changing the administrative permissions of the app. If the administration rights to resolve this issue.
  • To do so, right click on the application icon and click on Properties.
  • Then choose the Compatibility button and select “Run this program as administrator“.

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Minimal Mode

clean boot
clean boot

It can help you determine if this error is caused by a third party application as it is able to eliminate software conflicts. Please note that you need to log into the computer as an administrator to perform a clean boot.

Once you are done troubleshooting, you need to reset the computer to boot as usual. The following steps take Windows 10 as an example.

==> Step 1 Click the Start button and search for msconfig. Click System Configuration in the search result.

==> Step 2 Select the “Service” tab in the dialog box. Select “Hide all Microsoft services” and click the “Disable all” button.

==> Step 3 Click on the “Startup” tab to touch “Open Task Manager”. For the Startup item here, select each one and click Disable.

==> Step 4 Close Task Manager and click OK in the “System Configuration” window. Restart the computer.

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Create a new user account

create user accountWe can create a new user account to check if this problem occurs in the new account.

Step 1 Click on the start button and select “Control Panel”.

2nd step Select User Accounts and “Manage Another Account” respectively.

Step 3 Click “Add New User in PC Settings”, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Step 4 Once done, log in to the new user account and check if the problem occurs in the new user account.

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Method 1. Update your NVIDIA video card drivers

The first action we recommend before doing any more: update your video card drivers, especially if it’s NVIDIA. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop or simply on the website nvidia.com and find the necessary driver for your video card.

Download them, install and restart the computer. It is very likely that the error 0xc000007b will go away after this.

Check and fix dll dependencies with Dependency Walker

Dependency Walker
Dependency Walker

In case the error is related to the 0xc000007b error when starting the game, it is worth trying to check the game dependent files using the Dependency Walker utility.

  • Download and unzip the Dependency Walker x64 on the official site
  • Run Dependency Walker, press File -> Open and select the file ”
  • In the Module section, look for red error messages;
  • Select the problem dlls and see the cause of the error;
  • If the error concerns the open file you will see this message ” Error opened file. The system cannot find the file specified
  • The problem is that this DLL is missing
  • Try to find the appropriate dll files on the site http://www.dll-found.com/
  • Place the downloaded files in the root folder of the game or in the C: Windows system32 folder;

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The compatibility tab

Run the app in compatibility mode
Run the app in compatibility mode

Sometimes, running in compatibility mode can fix the error 0xc000007b because there is a possibility that the application cannot be compatible with the newer version of Windows. Let’s see how to do this:

  • Right-click on the application icon and click Properties.
  • Select the tab Compatibility and click “Run Compatibility Troubleshooting”.
  • select “Try them recommended settings“, Then you can test your application, or simply click on Next.

And if that doesn’t work, you can choose manually settings compatibility in the menu you choose ” Windows XP“.

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Uninstall and then reinstall it, but before that you need to follow this procedure:

  • Install on the system partition (C ???? because the application may return an error if it is installed on another partition.
  • Make sure stop your antivirus before installation.
  • Note : Scan your file before disabling your antivirus

Checking the hard drive for errors to resolve error 0xc000007b

tcp ip

To resolve error code 0xc000007b you should regularly check your hard drive. by following these steps:

  • Right click on the start button and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”.
  • type chkdsk c: / f / r and press Enter.
  • It will ask you to schedule the scan while the C drive is in use, type Y to schedule the scan and press Enter.

After you restart Windows, it will check the disk during system restart and that will surely fix it.

Reinstall DirectX

To avoid this problem, you need to make sure to update your DirectX. To have the latest version you must download DirectX Runtime Web Installer from the official Microsoft website.

Install or repair .NET Framework

NET Framework can cause many errors and issues if it is not updated regularly. If you already have the latest version of .NET Framework, you need to fix it. If that doesn’t fix error 0xc000007b: Replace xinput1_3.dll 32 bit by an appropriate version

When the file xinput1_3.dll is damaged or replaced by another version that is incompatible this error occurs. To replace it with an appropriate version, please do the following:

download the file xinput1_3.dll 32 bit and unzip it.

NOTE : Before you start, you must first back up your xinput1_3.dll file original (which can be found here: C: Windows SysWOW64) if a problem occurs you can always restore the file.

Reinstall all Microsoft Visual C +++ runtime packages.

Microsoft Visual C +++
Microsoft Visual C +++

The packages Microsoft Visual C +++ are important components for running Windows applications, so reinstalling them can correct the error.

  • Packages Visual C +++ have both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version and they are equally important.
  • Go to control panel and click on Uninstall a program.
  • Completely remove all Microsoft Visual C ++ Packages on your computer. Next, restart your PC.
  • Once your system will be restarted all the packages will be removed, you need to go to the official Microsoft download page.
  • Download and install these files if one of them doesn’t install, skip it and install the next one.
  • Your PC will restart several times during installation, please be patient.

Update your Windows to fix error 0xc000007b

Updating your operating system may fix the bugs that cause problems. In addition, some functions and programs built into Windows, such as DirectX and .NET Framework, may also be updated during the process. It is recommended that you update your operating system and see if it can help you fix your error 0xc000007b.

Final verdict

You can use the resolutions mentioned above, but if the problem persists, please feel free to comment. We want this article to help you understand the meaning, cause, and solutions of error 0xc000007b.

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