[6 Solutions] Solve “Unable to Initialize Steam API”

According to several users, a problem arises right after launching a game. If you are facing the same error ” Unable to Initialize Steam API »After launching a game from your Steam library, You are in the right place.

In our guide, we are going to look at the reasons for this error and determine the possible solutions to resolve it. Let’s get started.

To resolve it, use the following solutions:

The mistake "Unable to Initialize Steam API"
The “Unable to Initialize Steam API” error

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Solution 1. Disable your game’s executable program in the firewall

This method has solved the problem, according to many users. A third-party firewall or even your ” Windows Defender »Can block the executable of your game.

The first solution is to make an exception for your game to run in the firewall.

  • Go to the Windows search bar and type Control panel
  • Select the control panel to open it.
  • Switch display in large icons and scroll down and select Windows Defender Firewall
  • Click on the option » Authorize an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall »(Left) to display the list of applications
  • Meeting on game application that is having problems with your firewall and check the boxes next to public and private networks
  • Click on the icon OK for apply changes
  • Once you are done, restart your PC and launch the game to see if it works without showing the error » Unable to Initialize Steam API “.
Authorize an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall
Authorize an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall

This solution worked for most of the users who had issues launching their games.

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Solution 2: Force restart the program

The main reason for the error ” Unable to Initialize Steam API »When accessing the game is due to problems with the steam client.

To solve this problem, it is mandatory to force restart the client.

Steps to force restart

  • Launch the task manager simultaneously pressing the keys ctrl, shift and Esc.
  • Select the tab ” Process ” and do right click on the application Steam to choose the option ” Complete the task “.
Complete the Steam task
Finish the stain

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Solution 3: Run the game as administrator

Since “Unable to Initialize Steam API” occurs mainly due to problems with the client, it is possible to avoid it by running the application as administrator.

  • Go to start menu and open My computer or this PC. Choose the location on the drive where the Steam is installed.
  • Locate the game executable file
  • Click with right mouse button on the game’s .exe file and go to file properties.
  • Use compatibility tab for allow administrator privileges to the application
Run Steam as administrator
Execute as administrator

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Solution 4: Disable automatic retain on Comodo Internet Security

If you use the Comodo antivirus program on your computer, you may have noticed that theThis program sometimes blocks programs completely using its automatic containment options which are automatically activated.

You must deactivate this option or simply remove the game executable from the list of blocked programs in order to resolve the problem immediately.

  • Open user interface of Comodo Internet Security by double-clicking on its icon on office or in the system tray (lower right part of the screen).
  • Open the Settings window clicking on the Settings button from home screen and make sure you navigate to the Containment tab.
  • Under this tab, you must click on the sub-section Automatic containment.
  • After clicking on the automatic containment section, you should see a checkbox at the top of the window saying Enable automatic containment.
  • You can simply uncheck it in order to no longer use this function which automatically blocks the execution of certain programs.
Disable Comodo automatic containment
Disable Comodo automatic containment
  • You can also locate the game executable in the list that will appear below and simply disable the slider under the Enable automatic containment option in order to stop blocking the affected application.
  • Confirm the changes and relaunch the game to see if the problem still appears.

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Solution 5: Remove beta programs and relaunch

If you don’t know, Steam Beta send you the latest updates but also faulty or incomplete programs.

Follow the steps mentioned below for you opt out of all Steam beta projects and solve the problem.

Let’s go.

  • Launch the Steam PC client
  • Press the “” icon (in the menu at the top of the customer’s screen).
  • Choose Settings
  • Now in the settings window, in the tab ” Account “And click on the button” To modify “(Under the section” Beta participation “)
  • A new window opens, under participation in Beta and click to open the drop-down list. Select the option ” Unsubscribe from all beta programs ”.
  • Apply the changes that you have made
  • For kill all programs related to Steam, Press on Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to open the utility Task Manager
  • Click on More details icon (bottom left of the window) to develop your task Manager
  • Search now all related programs.
  • For example : Steam.exe, Bootstrapper, etc. Make sure that these programs related to Steam program are in basic processes.
  • Choose them all one by one and select the option » Complete the task ”(In the lower right part).
  • Or you can just restart your pc.
  • Click on the button Yes for to confirm

Relaunch your customer and check if the error persists during startup. However, if you are still facing the error on your PC, make sure to disable all beta programs.

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