[6 Solutions] Resolve NTLDR Missing Error

While you are doing your routine, you start your computer to work and suddenly, Windows does not seem to succeed in starting.

You see a black screen which indicates that the missing NTLDR. It’s a fault which usually occurs in Windows. It can be due to several reasons.

NTLDR starts files and processes from the computer memory and leave Windows start successfully.

In this case, you can press the keys Alt + Ctrl + Del keyboard for restart the system. As you may not have an idea of ​​this type of error, make no mistake about it. Do not worry.

We will help you solve this problem. But first you need to know what the NTLDR and what it is for.


NTLDR Missing Error
NTLDR Missing Error

NTLDR stands for NT Loader, which is also the bootloader, generally located in the primary hard drive / SSD. He is start-up manager of all the Windows NT operating systems, including Win 10. Hence the name and the abbreviation.

It is made up of three primary files :

  • NTLDR, the main boot loader file.
  • COM (also sometimes called NTDETECT.COM) who detects the hardware needed to start an operating system based on NT like Win 10.
  • boot.ini which contains details of the system configuration.

NTLDR missing Is not the only error you may receive when dealing with this problem. here is three common mistakes that users can see:

  • NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart.
  • NTLDR is missing Press any key to restart.
  • Start: Cannot find NTLDR Please insert another disc.

The mistake ” NTLDR is missing »Appears, during the start-up process, when the system is unable to read / write data in one of these three important files which are essentials for the booting the operating system.

The reasons may vary from configuration error has a corrupted hard drive / SSD, and more. The following solutions should work under all three conditions.

Normal start-up sequence

Usually, Win starts as shown below :

  • the BIOS loads the 1st sector of the hard drive (Master Boot Record), check the signature 55 AA and transfers control to the Master Boot Record.
  • the Master Boot Record analyze it partition table to find the active partition, then he load the first sector of the active partition, check it signature 55 AA and transfers control to the boot sector.
  • the boot sector charged 15 additional sectors from the first sector of the disk (Volume Boot Record) and transfers control to the first additional sector of the VBR.
  • Volume Boot Record load it NTLDR file of root directory of the boot partition in the memory and him transfers control.
  • NTLDR load it Boot.ini text file and poster the start menu. NTLDR is able to set the safe mode boot flag by explicit user request.
  • But normally it charges ntoskrnl.exe, hal.dll and the pilots according to the registry list (normal start) Where hiberfil.sys (recovery from hibernation).
  • Next, control is transferred to ntoskrnl.exe or to checkpoint in memory dump.


Remove all accessories and external devices which you don’t need for start your computer, with the exception of keyboard and mouse.

If you are using a laptop, also remove the mouse and keyboard. Some accessories may prevent the computer from starting up.

You can always connect them later. The external hard drives, pen drives and CDs, especially because the system can try to to charge from a external drive where are not located startup files. Reboot again.

Removing external drives will force him to search on main disk where he should find NTLDR and start correctly.

Solution 1: Replace NTDETECT.COM and NTLDR files

In order to solve NTLDR missing error, you must use the installation CD / DVD.

Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  • First, insert the installation CD / DVD in the faulty computer CD / DVD drive.

REMARK : Make sure your computer boots from CD / DVD drive using a start menu or in resetting the BIOS setting of the computer.

  • Restart the computer from the Installation CD / DVD.
  • Press on ” R ” for load recovery console, this will allow automatically find the installation on the hard drive.
  • Select installation that needs to be fixed.
  • In the restoration console, copy the files ” NTLDR “And” COM ” on the disk on which your Windows is installed.
  • Suppose your install drive that is ” VS: ” and the letter of the CD / DVD drive that is ” D: «, Use the following two commands given below and press Enter key after each ordered :
    “COPY D: i386 ntldr C: “
    “COPY D: i386 ntdetect.com C: “
  • Press on EXIT and close the restore console
  • Now, remove the installation CD / DVD from from your computer

Restart your computer and check if the Win 10 error is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Try to change the BIOS boot order

Another solution that will help you correct the problem of NTLDR is the lack of Win 10. try change the BIOS boot order to make sure the PC first loads data from internal drive.

Follow the steps to do this:

  • Restart your computer
  • Press on the key to open the BIOS menu
  • The keys depend on computer model and manufacturer
  • If the display shows different keys, then find carefully the key to open the BIOS menu, BIOS or Setup
  • After finding the key to open the BIOS, select the Boot tab using the arrows on the keyboard.
  • Now change the order of your hard drive and keep it at the top of the list
Change the order of Bios startup
Change the order of Bios startup

When you try to find BIOS key, be very careful, do not press no wrong key.
Then you have to change BIOS boot order, to see if the error ntldr missing is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Rebuild the boot.ini file

Yes ntldr missing error occurs due to boot.ini file who is not configured correctly for installation, you can then rebuild the boot.ini file to correct this error.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Insert the installation CD in your computer
  • Restart your computer and boot from CD
  • Press on any key to boot from CD
  • Press on the R key when the options are responsible for accessing the restoration console.
  • Now, log in using administrator password and pressing 1
  • Type the command below in command prompt :

bootcfg / rebuild

The bootcfg / rebuild command
The bootcfg / rebuild command
  • When the system invites you to add to the list of boot options, answer Yes
  • Enter ” The version of Windows in which you are experiencing this error ” like load identifier and the command “/ fastdetect” like operating system loading options.
  • Remove the installation CD
  • Restart the computer

After having rebuilds boot.ini files, you will no longer notice NTLDR missing error.

Solution 4: Rebuild the MBR of your hard drive

The main boot recorder is stored on a Hard disk which contains the codes needed for start a window. The error may be due to a Corrupted MBR.

You can rebuild the MBR by following the following method.

  • Follow the steps in the previous solutions to re-access the recovery mode.
  • Click on Repair
  • Then use these orders in command prompt :
    Bootrec / fixmbr
    Bootrec / fixboot
    Bootrec / rebuildbcd
The commands to rebuild the damaged MBR
The commands to rebuild the damaged MBR
  • Restart your system to see if it boots normally.

Solution 5: Try to change the boot sector code

She can be solved by writing the BOOTMGR correct which is related to boot sector code.

Follow the steps to write the correct boot sector code:

  • Insert the Windows installation CD (any version)
  • Restart your pc and start from CD
  • To boot from CD, press any key
  • Choose language, time, keyboard input
  • Click on Repair your computer
Repair Windows
To fix
  • Select the installation drive and click on Following
  • Select command prompt when system recovery option appears
  • Type bootcfg / rebuild and press Entrance
  • Press on Y when installation ask you if you want add it to startup list
  • Now, remove the CD and restart your PC

After restarting your computer, check if the missing ntldr error message disappears from the screen or not.

Solution 6: Check the SATA cable

If none of the above solutions worked for you during the resolution of the ntldr problem, it is then suggested to check your computer’s SATA cable.

Open the computer case and check if the SATA cable is properly connected or not.

Check the SATA cable that connects the motherboard to the hard drive
Check the SATA cable that connects the motherboard to the hard drive

If plugged in, the problem may be locate in another place. You can ask help from a professional or technician to solve the problem.

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