Your computer can develop a problem at any stage. You can turn it off when a message is displayed on the screen. You may come across the error 0XC0000185 with a long accompanying message that says it needs to be fixed, the message also shows the number of options.


error 0XC0000185

1. Connection cables connecting your motherboard and the hard drive.
2. Files missing or damaged starters.
3. Problems in the player.
4. Reader is damaged.

The fact of encountering this code does not in any way mean that you can no longer use your pc. Below are several corrective measures that you can try to fix it.


The first step you should do is to check if there is a problem with the system or the connection. You have to unscrew the processor of your pc in order to access the Hard disk to make sure that the cable that connect it with the motherboard is not damaged or loose.

It is good to confirm that the components such as expansion cards, the power supply and memory are properly fixed in their place. If you have already done so, go to method # 2.

check cable
check cable

METHOD 2: Microsoft’s official response

Usually these issues can be fixed by using Windows 10 installation media which is a DVD player or USB stick .

These are the same media that you used to install Windows in the first place. If you have update to Win 10 from a previous version, learn how to create a installation media.

  • Insert the DVD or USB that you used as Windows 10 installation media and to restart. Follow any instructions that may appear on the screen.
  • Choose the tongue you want to use and click on ” Following“.
  • You should see the ” Repair your computer“.
  • Click on it and choose Windows 10 (or any other operating system you want to fix).
  • Click on ” Command Prompt And use the following commands.
  • click Enter after typing each command:

bootrec / fixMBR
bootrec / fixBoot
bootrec / rebuildBCD


If you do not have installation media and are unable to create it follow the instructions below:

  • To restart and click several times on the hit F8 until the message ” Repair your computer ”Is displayed.
  • Follow the same instructions as thestep 3 of the above solution.
    Remark : If the F8 key do not open the installation window, you may need to use the F12 key. Consult the manufacturer or search online to find out which button to use.

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METHOD 3: Faulty equipment can cause error 0xc0000185

It is possible that it is caused by a connected device or by one of the main components from your PC. This would prevent Windows from to start up, especially if it was one of the main components necessary for the start-up.

  • In order to to verify if the cause is your equipment, disconnect anything connected to your pc in addition to your mouse and keyboard.
  • If he started, that means it’s one of your peripheral devices that cause the message.
  • It is quite possible that internal components such as your Hard disk be defective which prevents him from to start up normally.
  • a damaged hard drive is usually the cause. Make sure you take it to an expert to fix the fault.

hard-disk problem

METHOD 4: Restore Your System To Fix Error 0XC0000185

You can easily correct it using any of the previous methods, the error may persist for a different cause. It may be necessary to undertake a system Restauration.

Restores the state of your system to one previous date when he has works correctly.
System restore allows you to get rid of of all manual modification Where Automatique brought to system.

Remark: You will lose all newly installed programs and updates.

  • Insert the mediasystem installation operating in the appropriate drive.
  • Press on F12 after having restarted.
  • Choose the installation medium as a record of start-up.
  • Select ” Following »In the window of Windows configuration.
  • Select ” Following ” to choose ” Repair your computer“.
  • Select ” Repair “Before selecting” Advanced options ”On the blue screen.
  • Select ” System Restauration And pay close attention to the on-screen instructions, which you must follow on the screen.
System Restore
system Restauration

Although you will lose all recently installed programs and updates, the pc will start up without any problem.

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METHOD 5: Uninstall recently installed software

In rare cases, it may be sets off by applications and programs incompatible. So if theerror 0XC0000185 happened just after theinstalling new software, uninstall the corresponding software and to verify if it persists.

uninstall program
uninstall program

METHOD 6: Error checking:

chkdsk / R

Error checking This is the recommended solution, it is found that the internal hard drive problem can also cause this error.

  • Open the‘command prompt with administrator privilege. Press on Win + X and click on ” Command Prompt(admin).
  • after, type chkdsk / R in the field of‘command prompt and press the key Entrance.
  • This order will analyze your hard drive and correct any errors it finds.
  • After the end of this operation restart your computer.

Finally you can comment and add other solutions if you have them or if you have questions.

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