[6 Solutions] Manage and Disable “WSAPPX” Disk 100%

Have you noticed a Windows service named WSAPPX which uses most of the resources of your processor in the task manager (Disk 100%)?

You are not the only one. Many people ask what is this high disk usage error (100%). In this article, we will tell you how to fix this problem.

Why is it consuming most of your CPU resources?

In fgeneral, WSAPPX uses significant amounts of CPU resources when updating, of installation or the uninstallation Store applications.

This means that if you notice that This service consume a high percentage of your CPU resources, this may be due to the fact that a application installs or updates in the background.

To see this action, go to Windows Store and click on the user icon in the upper right corner. You can turn off automatic application updates in the next window of Settings.

Disable updating apps automatically on Microsoft Store
Disable updating apps automatically on Microsoft Store

You may have noticed that it it is not possible to deactivate this service in the Win 10 services.
If you try to deactivate, you will receive a message indicating that this action will affect other applications.

You may also see a similar message if you try to end this service in the task Manager.

But it exists ways to disable this service. If you don’t use often applications or if you just want resolve high CPU usage error, you can do some operations.

We offer you simple solutions which will help you to solve this problem and get your PC to work without problem again.
You can start with the first solution and keep trying until you find a working solution.

Method 1: Update your device drivers

Although this high CPU usage error do not be directly related to pilots, it may be that Outdated device drivers cause incompatibility issues.

You may experience this problem when your system is trying to update a faulty driver. So the service no longer reacts during the update process and it consumes much more resource of your CPU.

Follow these simple steps to update your device drivers:

  • Type ” Device Manager “In the search box of the taskbar and choose” Device Manager »Among the options
  • Choose a category to see the names of different devices
  • Click with lright mouse button or long press the device you want update
  • Click on Automatically check for updated driver software
  • Click on Update the driver
Update the graphics card driver
Update the graphics card driver

If you can’t find a new driver, try find it on the device manufacturer’s website.
You can download the drivers from the links below :

Install the correct driver and restart your computer. This solution should fix the error if the problem is with the drivers. If the problem persists, try the next method.

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