6 Effective Methods to Fix Error 1068 (Windows 10/7)

When you try to connect your system to a wireless network, and you encounter error 1068 (Windows 10 the dependency service or group failed to start). You don’t worry. You are not the only ones. You can fix it using one of these methods.

Windows 10 error 1068
Error 1068 the service or dependency group failed to start

Solution 1: Restart the AutoConfig WLAN service

WLAN AutoConfig
WLAN AutoConfig

This error can occur if the service WLAN AutoConfig is not properly configured on your computer. In this case, you can try restarting the service to resolve your issue.

Here’s how to do it:

  • On your keyboard, click on the Windows and the R key to launch the run box.
  • Type services.msc, then press Enter.
  • Right-click on WLAN AutoConfig to select
  • To restart. If the Restart option is grayed out, click To start up.
  • Double click on WLAN AutoConfig.
  • Configure the startup type to Automatique. Then To apply > OK.

Restart your computer and the error should go away. If the error reoccurs, there is another solution you can try….

Solution 2: Repair your registry

modify the registry
modify the registry

If your system settings are not configured correctly, this error can also occur. You can fix it by repairing your registry.

Here is how you can do it:

  • On your keyboard, click the Windows and press R to display the box to execute.
  • Type regedit, then press Entrance.
  • Click on Yes when prompted by User Account Control.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Services.
  • Right click on Dhcp in the section Services and select Export.

Give the backup file a name, for example Dhcp backup. Then select a backup address and click on Save. You can restore the file from this backup if an error occurs during the process below.

  • Double click on DependOnService in the right panel of Dhcp. Select all words except ” Afd” , then erase them.
  • Right click on Eaphost in the section Services and select Export.
  • Give a name to the backup file, for example backup Eaphost, then select a backup address and click Save.
  • Double click on DependOnService in the right menu from Eaphost.
  • Select all the words and delete them.

Close the Registry Editor window and to restart your computer . Check if the error is gone. If you still see the error, don’t give up hope. Just go to the next solution.

Method 3: Turn on your Windows firewall


First of all, let’s try this workaround:

  • Press the key Windows and the R key on your keyboard.
  • Come in ‘services.msc‘without quotes and press Enter.
  • You will access a list of services
  • Select the windows firewall -> Right click on the firewall -> Select Properties
  • Choose To start up -> and define the type of start-up on Automatic
  • To apply -> OK -> To restart your computer so that the changes will be saved
  • Check if the problem is resolved

tcp ip

If you are unable to resolve the problem, you must reset your TCP / IP :

  • Open a command prompt and type the following commands.
  • Make sure to press Enter after each command:

pconfig / flushdns
nbtstat -r
netsh int ip reset reset reset c: resetlog.txt
netsh winsock reset

Restart your computer and try to start your Windows firewall.

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