[5 Solutions] Troubleshoot Windows Modules Installer Worker

The program Windows Modules Installer Worker on your Windows 10 computer are you having problems CPU or disk usage ?

If you are wondering what it is and why it occupies more than 50 % (sometimes up to 100%) CPU resources.

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage Issue

As a rule, this process is running when your computer checks for any new updates, as well as when download and install these updates on your PC.

It often works very well and does not take up your computer’s resources.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

However, if WMI Worker process gets corrupted or if something goes wrong it will cause CPU usage problems or, in some cases, it will create 100% disk usage.

You may have tried to restart your computer several times hoping this annoying problem would go away, but it cannot be fixed on its own.

Fortunately, I have some practical solutions that can help you get rid of this problem.

Is it a virus?

This process is the part of Windows herself. We have not seen any information regarding a malware hiding under the name of TiWorker.exe or from Windows Modules Installer worker process.

However, if you are concerned about malware, you can always run a scan using your antivirus software preferred to check if something is wrong.

Below you can choose one of the different methods to fix the mistake. You may not need to try them all.

If the first method does not work for you, you can move on to the next to correct the problem, and so on.

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Method # 1: Disable Win Update Service:

When the Win Update service is running, the system can check whether there is updates and install them.

So if you disable update service, He will not be able to check for updates and install them.

And therefore, Windows Modules Installer Worker will not use a huge percentage of your CPU. The following steps can help you disable the Win Update service :

  • Simultaneously press the key with the Windows logo and on the R key to open the execution box.
  • Once the Run box is open, type services.msc and click on OK.
  • When the services window will open, keep scrolling until you find the Win Update service.
  • Once found, double click on it to continue.
  • In the open window, set the startup type is Disabled then click on Stop and finally click on To apply and OK.
Stop the Windows Update service
Stop the service
  • After doing this, CPU usage should return to normal. If that doesn’t work, then you can move on to the next method.

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Method # 2: Fix TiWorker.exe File:

Sometimes it happens that the task manager indicated high CPU usage even if you already have disabled the Win Update service.

In that case, the Windows Modules installer worker program may occur because of TiWorker.exe file.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to resolve this issue:

  • For users of Win 10, go to the control panel then click on the option ” Problem resolution “.
  • In the open window, watch the left bar.
  • Now look for the option ” Display all In the available options. And click on it.
  • In the open window, look for System maintenance option and click on it.
  • After that it will start to look for system problems.
  • The process will take a few minutes. Once the detection process completed, simply restart your system.
Solving system maintenance issues
Solving system maintenance issues

We hope this method helps you resolve the error. If this method does not work for you either, check the third method given below.

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Method # 3: Change Your Internet Settings

It is also possible stop the automatic update on your PC by changing your Internet connection.
There are two ways to do this, depending on the network you are using:

For users of the Wi-Fi network

Follow these instructions:

  • Press on the Start menu button> Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi> Advanced options
  • Click on the button below Set as limited connection
Set as limited connection
Set as limited connection

That’s all. Now check if the problem still persists.

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  • Open a command prompt as administrator
  • In command prompt, type (or copy and paste):
    “Dism.exe” / online / Cleanup-Image / StartComponentCleanup “(without quotes) and press the key Entrance
    It can take some time. Duration is 5 to 15 minutes. . This means that a lot of files had to be cleaned.
  • In command prompt, type (or copy and paste):
    Dism.exe / Online / Cleanup-Image / Restorehealth
    and press the key Entrance.
    This process may also take a few minutes, in terms of your pc speed
DISM commands
DISM commands
  • In command prompt, type (or copy and paste):
    net stop wuauserv
  • Open the Explorer, go to the folder C: Windows SoftwareDistribution and delete all the contents of this folder.
The softwaredistribution file
The softwaredistribution file

No problem : all the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder are temporary and will be created automatically.

  • Go back to command prompt and type (or copy and paste):
    net start wuauserv

If you followed the steps above, the Windows Modules Installer Worker process should be faster. This solution is probably the best and the most constructive for reduce CPU consumption.

With this solution, you will not interfere with the designated Win Update schedules. Instead, you make Windows more efficient in removing unnecessary files.

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  • To start up the task manager as administrator
  • Go to Details tab
  • Scroll down to TiWorker.exe
  • Click with right mouse button, click on ” Set priority “And click” Low “.

The Trusted Installer Worker process continues to work, but will always have to wait if others applications require CPU consumption. You won’t be really bothered by tiworker.exe.

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Question : Can we to terminate the work of the Windows Modules Installer program?

Reply : WMI is an important component of the system, but it can sometimes lead to high CPU usage at the time of installing new updates. If it slows down your computer or interferes with your work, you can disable it.

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To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager. Locate the Windows Modules Installer Worker process in the list. Done right click above and select Complete the task.

This solution can be fast, but it may not be useful in the long run. After having restarted your computer, the mistake high CPU usage by WMI will return.

Question : what Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Reply : TiWorker.exe is a service from your PC which checks for updates and installs them. However, this can sometimes result in high CPU usage and slowing down your computer.

Question : Why doesn’t it work ?

Reply : If he is not working properly, you have to start it.

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