[5 Solutions] Resolve Error 0xc1900130 Win Update

Recently, a few users have encountered an issue with the error 0xc1900130 while installing updates on computers.

Update error is the most known for the users. Users often encounter problems with update errors. Update errors may be due to different reasons.

Windows Update error 0xc1900130
Error 0xc1900130

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What is the cause of error code 0xc1900130?

Antivirus interference:

It turns out that a sequel AV or an overprotected firewall may be responsible for stopping the relationship between the client machine and the Update server.

Conflict between Intel RST driver and Win 10:

A file of driver (iastorac.sys) is often reported for block communications with the update server.

Corrupt Win Update component:

Different conflict with a third party :

It is also possible that a recent system change caused by a driver or an application partially incompatible end up interfering with the update component.

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Solution 1: Run the troubleshooter to fix 0xc1900130:

You can correct most problems by executing the integrated tool called Win Update troubleshooter. Please follow the steps below for theperform troubleshooting.

  • Click on Windows icon, type Problem resolution in the search bar and select the option Problem resolution.
  • Search and locate Win update. Expand it and click Perform troubleshooting.
  • It will start to detect problems. If he finds any, it will try to resolve them automatically.
Windows update troubleshooting
Problem resolution

Once this process completed, restart your computer and try install updates. THE’Updates should work fine this time around without 0xc1900130. If the error persists, you can continue with the next steps.

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Solution 2: Disable / uninstall the anti-virus program:

As stated above, a faulty or corrupt security program on your computer can cause 0xc1900130.

In this case, we suggest you try to temporarily disable your antivirus program or firewall and see if the update is working correctly.

Disable 360 ​​Total Security
Disable 360 ​​Total Security

If they start to function properly after deactivation, you can try to reinstall the antivirus program on your computer.

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Solution 3: Rename the iastorac.sys driver

The problem of compatibility between Microsoft and Intel often leads to update errors. 0xc1900130 is one of those bugs that you can fix by renaming the driver iastorac.sys.

To do this, it suffices add an “.old” extension To the end of the pilot above. That will prevent Win Update components from using the drivers Intel RST.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Press on Win + E together for throwing the file explorer.
  • Go to the top bar, click on Display and Check the box preceding the File name extensions.
  • Next, copy / paste the path below in his address bar –
    C: Windows System32 drivers

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Remark : if you have installed the operating system on another drive, replace the C: by the name of this reader.

  • In the next window, scroll down and locate iastora.sys.
  • Once found, do right click on the same and select the option Rename.
  • Now, rename this file to iastora.sys.old so that Win 10 ignore this file.
  • When the UAC window opens, Press on Yes to give your consent.
rename the iastora file
Rename the iastora file
  • Close all running windows and restart your PC.
  • When Win 10 starts, try reinstalling the problematic update and see if you receive error 0xc1900130 or not.

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Solution four: reset the services

If one update services becomes corrupted one way or another it can also result in 0xc1900130 on your PC.

That is why we suggest that you reconfigure Win services by executing some codes at command prompt.

Just open the Win console as administrator and D’execute commands following one after the other. Be sure to press the Entrance after each command line –

SC config wuauserv start = auto
SC config bits start = auto
SC config cryptsvc start = auto
SC config trustedinstaller start = auto

Reactivate Windows Update components
Reactivate components

Note : The execution of command lines above allows reactivate all update services.

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Solution 5: Download manually

Occasionally, the outdated operating system also generates a problem like 0xc1900130.

But, if you can’t get automatic updates, or get them by through parameters, try to obtain the fixes manually from the Microsoft Download Center. This can help to bypass error 0xc1900130.

View update history
View update history

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