[5 Méthodes] How to Fix Error 0xc1900200

If you try to upgrade to Windows 10 and the error code 0xc1900200 appears, it means that your system is incompatible with the new operating system.

This can also happen when you try to update your BONE to switch from version 10586 to the version 14393. Also, it is because of the problems with the windows firewall. This error message will tell you that you were unable to install Windows 10.

error 0xc1900200
error 0xc1900200


You must disable any antivirus software installed on your computer. The antivirus will prevent the Microsoft Windows installer from running because it will mark it as spam.

In the help menu of your antivirus, you will find the procedure to deactivate it. After, do you try to upgrade to Windows 10.

If the antivirus is the source of the problem; this time you will not find the error 0xc1900200.
Once the upgrade is complete, you can activate the antivirus program.



The error code 0xc1900200 can be fixed by disabling the firewall.
To access it, press the Windows key + R to open the execution window.

  • Type firewall.cpl and click on OK.
  • Click on ” Enable or disable Windows firewall“.
  • In the Private network settings menu, select ” Disable Windows Firewall (not recommended)“.
  • Perform the same modifications with the parameters of the public networks.
  • Accept the changes and try to update your Windows.
  • You can reactivate Windows firewall after the update process is complete.


features to install Windows 10
features to install Windows 10

You need to check if your computer meets the specifications
to install Windows 10. Because error message 0xc1900200 can occur due to minimum system requirements for Windows 10 operating system.

The easiest way is to download and install the app Get Windows 10. Once the application has been installed, launch it and click on the menu of options.

Select ” check your PC Which can be found under the option ” getting the upgrade“. A new window will open that shows you if your PC is compatible with Windows 10.

You can also manually check if your computer is compatible with Windows 10 by following the following steps:

  • 1 GHZ CPU
  • Display resolution of 800 × 600
  • Graphics with the WDDM 10 driver compatible with DirectX 9 or more
  • 21 GB of free storage for the 64-bit system and 16 GB for the 32-bit system
  • 2 GB of RAM for a 64-bit system and 1 GB of RAM for a 32-bit system

You can check the manufacturer’s website for specific information about your PC.

If you use Windows 7, go to the control panel and click on ” system To open a window with information about your PC.

If you use Windows 8, press Control + F to open the search window. Search for system, and click on the result. A new window will open with the characteristics of your system.

Windows + R
Windows + R

To determine your graphic characteristics, press the key. Windows + R to open the execution window.
Type ” dxdiag And press Enter. You will find the pilot WDDM and the DirectX version in the View tab.


disk cleanup
disk cleanup

If your computer does not have enough space to update, you will need to create additional space.

  • Press the key Windows + Q to open the search menu.
  • Type “disk cleanup”And press Entrance.
  • Click on “disk cleanup”, A new window opens.
  • Select your local drive and click OK.

The process will take a few minutes. When the process is complete, you find that your disk space is used up by data and files that are no longer needed.

You can choose to delete them all to free up space to install the new operating system.

Tick the box that displays the files to delete and press OK. You can also choose to delete previous operating system installations that were saved in your operating system.

After you can try to install the new OS without error 0xc1900200.

Method 5: Upgrade your hardware

If your computer is not compatible with the operating system, you will need to purchase a new computer or add more RAM, or a new GPU for your computer.

If the error could not be resolved, you will need to contact a computer technician so that your computer will not be damaged.

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