[3 Solutions] Razer Synapse Won’t Open: What to Do?

Your Razer Synapse won’t open and won’t launch ? This popular manufacturer of gaming equipment who has several exceptional products.

The company has a software called Razer Synapse which allows you to redefine commands Where assign macros to any of your devices and which records automatically all your settings in the cloud.

Although it is a solid software, some problems may arise in some cases. In this last article of our series of repairs, we will tackle the problem of Razer Synapse does not open.

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Razer Synapse won't open
Razer Synapse won’t open and won’t launch

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Method 1: Install the drivers again

Occasionally, Synapse drivers and software are the real culprits. Resettlement of both can correct the problem ” Razer synapse won’t open on Windows 10“. Make sure it is completely uninstalled, that is to say, he does not leave no trace file.

Some users reported that Razer synapse does not uninstall. As the reason may be a incorrect procedure, follow this method to remove completely from your computer.

Follow these steps to uninstall and then reinstall Razer Synapse and its drivers:

  • Click on Windows logo key with the “X” key on your keyboard.
  • Choose ” Device Manager ” in the list.
  • Now locate ” Mice and other pointing devices “, Tap on it to expand the category.
  • Find Razer devices and tap on it to choose ” Uninstall“.
  • A dialog box will appear, mark the statement ” Remove the driver software from this device “And press” Uninstall“.
  • Repeat this for all other devices, one by one. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions until they are completely deleted.
  • Now locate ” Keyboards And tap to expand. Then follow step 3 once more.
  • Now locate the » Human Interface Devices “, Tap on them to expand them.
  • Then follow step 3 once more.

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Uninstall Razer Drivers
Uninstall the drivers

Now we go delete files manually if they are still available in the following directories. This will ensure that the reinstallation is performed correctly.

  • Press on the Windows logo with the “R” key to open the dialog Execute.
  • Type now or copy ” C: Program Files (X86) Razer »And press Entrance.
  • A window will open, now click on the »tab Display “And select” Hidden items “.
  • Now you just need to choose all files present in the window that opens (for example, Razer) and of delete them by pressing the ” Shift “And on the key” To delete ” together.
  • If the authentication box prompts you, press ” Yes“.
  • Again, type or copy ” C: ProgramData Razer »And press the Entrance.
  • Follow step 7 again to delete the files available under this heading.
  • Besides, Unplug all devices from the Razer from the connection outlet or port.
  • Now, restart your Windows 10 system. That will automatically reinstall the drivers.

Reinstallation step:

  • Step 11: For download the software, follow this link Download.
  • Once download complete, double-click installation to run it.
  • Follow the instructions available under the installation wizard until the end.

Now try to open Razer Synapse software to configure your devices. If it does not open, continue to the next method to check the function of “Surround”.

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Method 2: Remove the “Razer Synapse” item

The Surround module caused various problems with the Synapse. Problems such as blocking and opening are the latest trends in progress. According to users, after having disabled or removed Razer surround, the problem has been corrected.

After having the uninstalled, you just have to update your and of restart the system.

Note : During thea reinstalling your Razer Synapse, there is a option to prevent surround installation. You can cancel it when the pop-up appears for the “Surround” function. Just press it and cancel the installation Where update request to avoid such a problem.

Follow the next steps to uninstall it:

  • Press on Windows logo and the “R” key to open the execution window.
  • Type ” Appwiz.Cpl“. And press Enter key.
  • The list of installed programs now appears.
  • Look for ” Razer Surround“, Press it and choose” Uninstall “. Yes the confirmation box appears, continue.
  • Once it’s done, restart your system.

Now check if the problem has been fixed or not. In case it still appears, proceed to the next method.

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Method 3: Use the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework

The NET Framework is the basic requirement of the software. If your Framework is obsolete, it may cause the error. Many users have resolved the issues by updating the .NET Framework.

For example, a user discovered this issue and it was resolved after updating the .NET Framework.

Click on This link to download the latest version of the .NET Framework. Once it is downloaded, press this link to launch the installer and follow the instructions for install it. This problem may also be the culprit in your case.

Once the installation is complete, restart your system and check if the problem has been solved or not. If the problem is not yet resolved, go to the ” Contact official support For help.

Tips to avoid the mistake

  • Update your system manually and don’t forget to include .NET Framework files. Gradually as Windows downloads them, even if users choose it.
  • Avoid the “surround” function because she enters conflict with your Razer’s synapse in most cases.
  • Make sure you have good antimalware software to avoid everything serious malfunction of your system.

Contact official support

If you haven’t solved the problem yet. We recommend that you contact official Razer customer support. This is because they provide good assistance in solving the problem with their products.

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