[3 Solutions] Java Platform se Binary Not Responding?

Some users reported that they were receiving the error “java platform is binary not responding” when running various Java-based applications.

In general, this error message is accompanied by periods of general non-response which can be stopped by clicking on the button. “Close the program”.

Note: The problem is not confined to Win 10 and is frequently reported under Win 8. There is no apparent link between the build number and what kind of error.

Most of the time, the problem is due to a conflict between the video card driver and the Java environment.

However, this behavior does not occur with all Java-based applications – only one series of programs are reported by users as crashing with the mistake .

Java platform se binary not responding error
Java platform se binary not responding error

Java platform se binary not responding error

Minecraft is by far the most frequently reported app that crashes with this particular error message.

If you are currently confronted to the same problem, this article will provide you with some troubleshooting strategies.

Below you have some methods that other users in similar situation have used to resolve the “java platform se binary is not responding” error.

Please follow troubleshooting guides below in order until you encountered a repair strategy that took care of the error. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Update graphics card drivers

The most frequent case in which the error “java platform is binary not responding” occurs is when there is a conflict between the Java system and your graphics card driver.

Like most video driver that we meet have been resolved by GPU manufacturers, you can probably solve the problem by simply updating your GPU drivers dedicated to last version.

Update NVIDIA Driver Update NVIDIA Driver[/caption]

Every big GPU maker has a software who detects automatically your GPU model and install the latest version of the graphics card driver required.

Here are the tools capable of doing this according to your GPU manufacturer:

Once your graphics drivers have been update, restart your computer and see if the problem has been resolved in next start. Yes the error “java platform is binary not responding” Still preventing you from opening some apps, go to method 2.

Method 2: Reinstall all applications related to Java SE

If the first method was not effective in solving the problem, let’s see if we will have better luck in reinstalling the entire Java environment.

Some users reported that the issue was automatically resolved when they uninstalled their current Java environment and were installing then the latest version of java from the official download page.

Here is a quick guide to the operation:

  • Press on Windows key + R to open a run window.
  • Then type ” appwiz.cpl »And press the enter key to open the Programs and Features window.
  • Scroll down the list of applications and uninstall all java inputs which you can find by clicking with right mouse button on each entry and choosing ” Uninstall “.
  • Once each entry has been uninstalled, restart your computer.
  • At next start, visit this link (here) and click the button of Free download for reinstall the Java environment.
  • You will be prompted to restart at the end of this process.
  • Once your PC restarts, see if you can open applications without the error ” java platform is binary not responding“.
  • If you still see the same error message, go to the final method.

Uninstall Java


Method 3: Running the application after a »clean start

Several users managed to do start their Java-based programs all in performing a clean start.

a clean start eliminates most software and driver conflicts, because it starts the system with a minimum set of drivers and startup programs.

If you find that the error “java platform is binary not responding” does not happen after having performed a clean start, it’s clear that some of the startup programs and services who were excluded by the clean start procedure may be responsible for this situation.

Once you have confirmed this, you should systematically uninstall each software suspect until you eliminate the conflict.

To make things clearer, here is a quick guide on the way perform a clean start and identify the startup program which is causing the problem:

  • Press on Windows key + R to open an execution window.
  • Then type ” msconfig »And press Entrance to open the menu of system configuration.
  • In the window System configuration, go to the tab ” Services “ and click on the button Disable all. Then click on » To apply To save the changes.

]Hide all Microsoft services Hide all Microsoft services

  • Then go to the Startup tab and click on the “Open the task manager”.
  • In the Startup tab of the task manager, select each startup item whose status is set to Enabled and click on the button Deactivate below.

Disable the task manager elements Disable the task manager elements

  • Once all unnecessary startup processes have been disabled, close the task manager and restart your computer.
  • At next start, check if the applications open without the error “java platform is binary not responding”.
  • If everything is working normally now, continue with the next steps below.
  • Systematically reactivate each item and startup service by reversing the above steps until the problem reappears.
  • Once you’ve identified the culprit, uninstall the application and restart the machine.
  • Use steps 1 to 3 to return to the Services and Startup tabs and reactivate the rest of the services that were previously disabled.

Here it is, these are themethods you can follow to resolve this problem and for you to enjoy all your applications.

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