[3 Solutions] “Cannot Update Avast” Problem

Avast is one free antivirus software most popular in the world. He offers maximum protection against viruses, malware and spyware.

It also has other popular features like web protection, etc., but it can sometimes be annoying if virus definitions are not updated automatically. Rather, it displays an error depending on how the error occurs.

Cannot Update Avast
Cannot Update Avast

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Why can’t I Update Avast?

Before you resolve a problem, it is essential that you know the cause of the error, in order to prevent her do not happen again.

Here is why you might get the “Cannot Update Avast” error:

The main reason why it did not update virus definitions is an incompatibility issue. Your version may not be compatible with the version of Windows installed on your system.

This can be a problem if you don’t regularly update your Windows and other software.

You can also be faced with this error if you have incorrectly installed Avast. This can happen if an update failed or was canceled during installation.

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Correction of the problem:

Depending on the reason the error is displayed, this problem is very easy to resolve. You can follow this guide in written order of precedence.

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Solution 1 (update and repair)

The simplest solution is to resolve incompatibility issues which may be the source of the error.
Check if there are any Windows updates pending and install them.

Check for available Windows updates
Check for available Windows updates

Update your software. A software obsolete can also increase the processor load.

To update the software and definitions:

  • Open Avast GUI from icon the notification bar.
  • Under the tab ” Update “You will find the current versions of the antivirus program as well as the vps viral engine and database.
  • Check if there is pending updates and click on Update tab
update Avast

Yes no update is available, you have to repair your installation files.

To do this, follow the next steps

  • Open the control panel. Select Programs and Features.
    (You can also press Win + X to open the WinX menu and seek applications and features up)
  • In the list of installed applications, locate it, and click Uninstall / Change.
  • Click on To modify.
  • Select Repair.
  • Wait untilhe repairs the client software while bringing the necessary modifications to the data files.
Repair Avast
Fix it

Restart your PC and check if the error persists.

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Solution 2 (Reinstallation)

Yes updating and repairing does not solve your problem, you have to reinstall the client software. However, a normal Windows uninstall (Add or Remove) will not solve your problem.

You need a powerful uninstaller such as IObit Uninstaller who can also delete registry and secondary files.

You can also perform a clean uninstall starting in safe mode and proceeding to the uninstallation from there.

First of all, download the uninstallation utility on their website. Save the file on the desktop.

the Avast uninstall utility
the uninstallation utility

For boot in safe mode, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R and type msconfig. Press on Entrance.
  • Under the Start tab, you will find secure boot under boot options
  • Check the box next to secure boot.
  • Click on To apply and then on OK.
  • Restart your pc to start automatically in “safe” mode.
start safe mode
start safe mode

Note: If you follow this method, you must uncheck this box to start in Normal mode.

  • Once you are in safe mode, run avastclear.exe that you downloaded to your desktop earlier. That will also erase any residual files.
  • Then start in normal mode and download and install the latest version from their website.
  • The clean installation must remove all corrupted files and resolve the “Cannot Update Avast” issue.

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Solution 3 (Customer support)

Yes a clean install also does not solve your problem, it must be a deep problem. You must contact personally customer service and ask him to provide you with solutions.

avast support
avast support

Visit the site https://support.avast.com/fr-fr to contact customer service.

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Free or Paid Antivirus Software: Which Is Better?

If you are just looking basic protection against malware, an antivirus Free avast is an option really effective.

However, if you look for advanced malware protection and an multitude of additional functions and utilities, such as a file shredder, VPN and parental controls, a high-end antivirus software is the ideal solution.

There are also a large number of excellent high-end antiviruses, such as McAfee, Bitdefender, Norton, and Kaspersky.

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Customer portal is very responsive to his customers, and he can provide the best solutions to your problems concerning its products . If the virus definitions are not updated on your system, you now know how to resolve the “Cannot Update Avast” error using the guide above.

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