[3 Étapes] Remove PC Privacy Shield Permanently

PC Privacy Shield is not a vpn service, but rather a software made for scan your computer for common security vulnerabilities.

This product is designed by Shield Apps, a software maker white label that focuses on security applications. How is their product positioned? Here is what we found.

PC Privacy Shield
PC Privacy Shield

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There are no surprises here. the software loads on Windows via a standard installer. Once you have installed software, he is in test mode.

You save the software by purchasing a code in the application. Once registered, you can use function in-depth analysis, qui is not available in the trial version.

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According to the manufacturer, PC Privacy Shield get rid of passwords saved by the browser, allows you to automatically clean your history files and performs other tasks related to Security.

In screenshots below, you can see the different tabs of the program.

Amongst others features, we can cite

  • Supports Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE
  • Cleaning of records from instant messaging conversation
  • Allows configuration personalized cleaning
  • Eliminate online tracking by marketers etc.
  • Erase history computer files

If you are unsure of any of these options, the program has a free helpline prominently located on the app’s home screen.

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Is it worth it?

Without even using the in-depth analysis function of the program, this one claimed to have found more 30,000 security issues on the test PC. If that sounds a bit like a scarewareis that it looks a lot like a scareware (Fake Infected PC Alerts).

Most of security concerns discovered were chat logs and browser history, which can be easily removed manually.

Scan PC Privacy Shield
Scan PC Privacy Shield

In addition, note that the screen ” User Password »Does not appear amongscreenshots. Indeed, after software installation, he displayed combinations: username / password he found on the test computer without any protection.

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PC Privacy Shield removal steps

The first step :

For the delete and uninstall the program from Windows Control Panel. For uninstall PC Privacy Shield, go to:

the Start menu> Control Panel> Uninstall a program (Where Add and remove programs) and search PC Privacy Shield and others suspicious programs in the list.

Once you have found the program you want to uninstall, double-click on it to launch the uninstallation process. Repeat this step for all other suspicious programs that you may have found.

Uninstall PC Privacy Shield
Uninstall PC Privacy Shield


The second step:

For remove threats which are grouped with PC Privacy Shield consists of remove all add-ons and extensions of unwanted browser that could be installed from each web browser on your computer.

  • Google Chrome Go to Customize and control Google Chrome> Other tools> Extensions
  • Mozilla Firefox Go to menu> Extensions
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Go to Tools> Manage add-ons
  • Apple Safari Go to Safari> Preferences> Extensions

The third step:

For remove PC Privacy Shield and other threats consists of scan your computer and eradicate malicious files using 360 Total Security software.

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The functions strengthening the security offered by this program are really not that many and can be obtained through many better quality products, some of which are free.

You can use incognito or private windows on your Navigator to eliminate your historical. You can use Tor to eliminate completely records your browser and avoid tracking. You can use a VPN for prevent anyone from accessing your data traffic.

Notably, none of these programs will not display your passwords on your screen so that anyone can see them.

Overall, although the company seems legitimate and that PC Privacy Shield doesn’t seem to be rogue security software, it behaves in a very similar way.

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