2022 starts in the best way with the offers of GODeal24

The surge in infections due to the new variant is causing most of the workers to return to work from home for safety reasons. Therefore, the number of people who need to comply with the software on their computer is growing, starting with the operating system.

Too often, users use pirated software on home PCs, with enormous risks to their security and data integrity, an aspect that should not be overlooked when it comes to managing important company data. To put an end to all these risks, and make sure you have software in order and with all the security updates, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

GoDeal24 2022 starts with a bang

Over the past few months you will certainly have learned about GoDeal24, one of the most important online stores that deal with activation codes for operating systems, application software but also video games. The distinctive feature of the store is certainly the pricing policy, the lowest on the market across the board, to meet the needs of domestic and non-domestic users.

So 2022 starts with a bang, thanks to a new promotional initiative that allows you to obtain particularly advantageous prices on the latest software, in particular Office 2021, Microsoft’s latest office suite that often becomes indispensable for work from home.

With the GoDeal24 offers, prices start at 30 euros, but if you have more than one computer at home, maybe a couple of desktops and a couple of laptops, things get even more interesting. And the prices for Office 2019 or Office 2016 are even better, if you don’t need the latest version of the software.

In fact, it starts from less than 15 euros, a decidedly affordable figure for anyone, which allows you to have Office 2021 on all PCs at home with the certainty of always having the most recent version, with security updates and corrections of any bugs found.

The same is true for the operating system, whether you are looking for a key for Windows 10 or whether your PC is able to support Windows 11 and want to get everything in order at low cost, with the Home or Professional version.

Really interesting prices therefore, definitely affordable for anyone. And if you have to put both the operating system and the Office suite in order, perhaps because you have just purchased a new build for work from home, you can buy one of the many bundles at your disposal, further discounted thanks to the coupon EGD62 which allows you to get an immediate discount of 62%. In this way you can have Windows and Office starting from less than 25 euros, obviously depending on the combination chosen. With the same discount code you can also get excellent prices on some particular software, including those for macOS.

Definitely advantageous offers, both for bundles with the most recent products and those for less current products but still sufficient for most users, And if you need other versions of Windows or if there are many computers in the house, here is a series of promotions on which it is possible to obtain an additional 50% discount, simply by entering the code EDG50 before proceeding with the payment:

We close this wide range of offers with some applications that can be very useful in certain situations, whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac. In this case, the prices are already discounted and it will not be necessary to enter any discount code.

Once your purchases have been completed you will receive, within a few minutes, an email with the activation keys and instructions for using them, including those to download the software from the website of the respective manufacturers. And for any need you can always contact the assistance service that answers this email address.

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