100 million abusive changes blocked in 2021

Evidence of the future for Google Maps, a future in the hands of artificial intelligence or, better, machine learning that in 2021 largely helped Google to keep the information on its app for maps and navigation reliable.

The machine learning (automatic learning in our part of Italy) is that branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers, through statistical methods exploited to improve the various learning algorithms, to extrapolate information from various data that they receive in meal, in an autonomous or supervised way.

Google Maps: 100 million abusive changes blocked in 2021 and beyond

In a report onreliability of Google Maps in 2021recently published on his own blogthe Mountain View company said it leveraged machine learning, coupled with human operators, for block over 100 million of fake and fraudulent changes that some users were trying to apply to profiles Google Business.

Furthermore, they were 7 million fake profiles eliminated, with only 630,000 of these (less than 10%) being reported by other users. But we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

From the report, in fact, other disconcerting data emerges on what Google had to fight within Google Maps, fortunately, succeeding:

  • 12 million attempts by users posing as a company have been blocked.
  • 8 million attempts to undue claims of the profiles of various companies have been stemmed.
  • Over a million accounts have been closed due to numerous policy violations related to the policy that you accept when creating an account.
  • Approximately 200 million photos and videos of poor quality or that went against the norms were removed.

Another point of interest concerns the measures adopted by Google against those users who released fake reviews on Google Maps, in order to damage the activities at the time of the reopening, which took place in the period following the first wave of COVID-19. Big G found over 95 million reviews that violated the rules, of which at least 60,000 were related to COVID-19 related issues.

Although Google Maps you confirm a real one magnet for idiots, it’s nice to see that Google is constantly working on trying to keep everything in order. Machine learning has played an important role but, at least at the moment, human operators are still involved in the process and are almost there necessaryOn the other hand, machine learning has no sense of humor.

2021 served as gym machine learning which will inevitably become more and more central in the fight against fraudulent behavior on Google Maps; assuming you learn to understand when you joke.

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